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Air rifle Daystate MK4 Panther FAC 5.5 mm.


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Air rifle Daystate MK4 Panther FAC 5.5 mm.

Caliber - 5.5 mm.
Overall length - 928 mm.
Barrel length - 430 mm.
Cylinder capacity - 144cc
Weight - 3.4 kg.
Charging - via bolt (electronically cocked and fired)
Pressure - 230bar
10-Shot rotary, removable (from left or right). Also supplied with magnetic single-shot loading tray
Shots per charge - 50
Energy - 40.67 joules
Trigger - adjustable
Stock- Synthetic, with thumbhole

The price does not include scope!

  • Code: 002093
  • Manufacturer: DAYSTATE
  • Weight: 3.400 Kgs
Price: 4,255.00лв.

Daystate MK4 Panther FAC 5.5 mm. is air rifle for hunting, combining beautiful design with high technology. On the LCD display, you can track the status of the gun - pressure, battery status, number of shots made​​.