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Multifunctional kit Spyderco T01PS


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Multifunctional kit Spyderco T01PS:
Blade Length - 64 mm (2,5 ")
Length closed - 116 mm (4,56")
Overall length - 175 mm (6,88 ")
Weight - 221 g (7,8 oz)

  • Code: 000486
  • Manufacturer: SPYDERCO
  • Weight: 0.221 Kgs
Price: 247.00лв.
Multifunctional kit Spyderco T01PS is a new generation of tools that together. The body of the instrument is made of cast, stainless steel and features the following instruments - plumbing key wrench, set of 4 plugins / screwdrivers - 2 regular and 2 imperial, a prolonged attachment to the imperial screwdrivers on both ends, which is a diamond file with a circular profile. There is a knife with partially serrated blade, one side sharpened, with a sharp tip made of stainless steel grade AUS-8 in the rear upper portion is specific to the firm Spayderko "hole lighter and easier opening.
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