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Knife Victorinox Mod. Manager Sapphire

Size - 58l x 19.5w x 12h mm
Tools - 10
-nailfile with
-Key ring
-ballpoint pen
-tweezers or toothpick
-cap lifter with
--magnet. Phillips screwdriver
-wire stripper

Price: 48.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Traveller

Length: 91 mm
Width: 27 mm
Height: 21 mm

- large blade
- small blade
- corkscrew
- can opener with small screwdriver
- cap lifter with screwdriver and wire stripper
- reamer, punch
- Key ring inox
- tweezers
- toothpick
- scissors
- multi-purpose hook with nailfile
- Pressurized ballpoint pen
- pin stainless
- mini-screwdriver
- digital clock, 12 h/24 h with alarm, countdown, timer, altimeter m/feet, barometer, thermometer °C/°F

Price: 221.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Adventurer

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Adventurer is a series multifunction pocket knives with great Lockable blade. The knife has 11 functions: small screwdriver, large Lockable blade screwdriver to imperial screws, corkscrew, opener caps, screwdriver, a tool for stripping wires, awl, toothpick, key ring, tweezers. This knife is suitable for everyday use.

Price: 58.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Atlas

Pocket knife Victorinox Mod. Atlas is a large multifunctional Lockable blade has 16 pieces features a wire cutter, large Lockable blade device for bending wire, corkscrew, toothpick, can opener, combination pliers, small screwdriver, sawing wood opener caps, screwdriver, a tool for stripping wires, awl, screwdriver for imperial screws, tweezers, key ring.

Price: 104.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Cadet - METAL, RIBBED

Victorinox Mod. Cadet is a silver, ribbed multifunctional pocket knife from Swiss Army knives series with small size (84 mm). Entirely made of stainless steel. There are nine in number functioning: a small screwdriver, large blade, screwdriver, nail file, a tool for stripping wires, blades, nail cleaner, can opener, cap opener and keychain.

Price: 47.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. CyberTool Lite with built-in flashlight

Victorinox Mod. CyberTool Lite is a pocket knife with built-in flashlight.
Length: 91 mm
Width: 27 mm
Height: 34.5 mm

With 36 tools: large blade, small blade, can opener with: small screwdriver, corkscrew, reamer, punch, Key ring, toothpick, tweezers, mini-screwdriver, pin stainless, multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier), pliers with: wire crimping tool, wire cutters, bit case, cap lifter with: screwdriver, wire stripper, scissors, LED/light white, bitwrench with: bit Hex 5 mm female for D-SUB connectors, 4 mm female Hex drive for the bits: bit Philips 0, bit Philips 1, bit slotted 4 mm, bit Philips 2, bit Hex 4 mm, bit Torx 8, bit Torx 10, bit Torx 15, ballpoint pen with: also to set DIP-Switch, reamer with sewing eye, magnifying lens 8x.

Price: 202.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Golf Tool

Length: 91 mm
Width: 36.5 mm
Height: 16.5 mm

-repair tool
-tee punch with with:
--groove cleaner
--cap lifter

Price: 85.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Midnite Manager Sapphire

Pocket knife Victorinox Mod. Midnite Manager Sapphire
Number of functions: 10
- Blade
- Scissors
- Nail file
- With a screwdriver
- Caps opener
- Small screwdriver
- A tool for stripping cable
- Keychain
- LED/ light white
- Pen

Price: 86.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Skipper with safety cord

Length: 111 mm.
Width: 31.5 mm.
Height: 23 mm.

Number of functions: 17 - can opener with small screwdriver, corkscrew, reamer, punch, Philips screwdriver, Key ring, toothpick, tweezers, pliers with wire crimping tool, wire cutters, lock blade, cap lifter with screwdriver, wire stripper, shackle opener with, marlin spike.

Price: 110.00лв.

KNIFE Victorinox Mod. Huntsman

Pocket knife Victorinox Mod. Huntsman, is a series Swiss Army knives. Length: 91 mm, Width: 27 mm, Height: 21 mm

15 functions: -large blade-small blade-can opener with-small screwdriver-corkscre-reamer, punch-wood saw-Key ring-toothpick-tweezers-multi-purpose hook (parcel carrier)-cap lifter with-screwdriver-wire stripper-scissors

Price: 58.00лв.
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