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Riflescopes Tasco 4x20 WA

Riflescopes Tasco 4x20 WA aerial weapons and floberka of middle and lower class. Magnification: 4h20. Parallax corrected 50m. Complete with rings for mounting on a type of swallowtail 11-13 mm.
Price: 19.00лв.

Riflescopes Tasco World Class 4-16x40

Rifle Scopes Tasco World Class 4-16x40. Variable optical zoom - 4-16
Flash 40 mm.
Type scale: MilDot.
Parallax correction.

Price: 209.00лв.

Riflescopes Tasco World class 4x32

Riflescopes Tasco World class 4x32 Series Pronghorn. Magnification: 4h32. Pipe diameter: 25 mm. Field: 10.7m/100m. Outgoing Eyepiece: 8mm. Focus: Eyebell. Adjusted parallax of: 91.4 meters. Correction of ocular: 76 mm. Type scale: 30/30. Vertical / horizon correction: 1 / 4 MOA Length: 305 mm.
Price: 69.00лв.

Riflescopes Tasco TITAN 1.25-4.5 x26 with backlight

Riflescopes Tasco TITAN 1.25-4.5 x26 with backlight for shooting at close and medium distances.
Magnification: variable 1.25 -4.5 X
Flash 26 mm
Pipe diameter: 30 mm
Dimensional device type 4A with wide viewing angle.
Bright dots in the center of the cross, with 11 degrees of force of light.
Fully multi-coated lens.

Price: 730.00лв.

Riflescopes Tasco TITAN 1.5-6 X 42

Riflescopes Tasco TITAN 1.5-6 X 42. Zoom: 1.5 - 6 V. Lens diameter: 42 mm. Diameter of the tube: 30 mm. Enlightened Multilayer coated lenses for high-contrast image. Type of scale: 4A. Nitrogen filled and water and shock resistant. Suitable for galyamo-caliber rifles and powerful air rifles.
Price: 619.00лв.

Riflescopes Tasco TITAN 3-9H42 with backlight

Riflescopes Tasco TITAN 3-9H42 with backlight
Sight with variable zoom 3-9 X
Diam. Lens: 42 mm
Diam. Tube: 30 mm
Type of scale: Europe 4A.
Glow dimensional cross with 11 degrees of brightness.
Full multi-layer coated lens.
Wide viewing angle.

Price: 790.00лв.

Riflescopes Tasco VARMINT 2.5-10X42

Riflescopes Tasco VARMINT 2.5-10X42 with the backlight on the scale.
Optical zoom: 2.5 - 10 X
Flash: 42 mm.
Scale: MilDot with backlight.
Tube diameter: 25.4 mm.

Price: 249.00лв.
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