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Compass Konustar Gray

Compass Konustar Gray

Metal compass, liquid filled with clinometer, level bubble, tripod attachment, pointing eyepiece. Color: Gray

Price: 45.00лв.

Map compass Professional

Magnifier, measuring device
Fluid cap, visor foldable, long contact edges with mm ruler, map scale 1:25.000 and 1:50.000, 360 ° rotatable scale ring, carrying cord

Price: 19.90лв.

Compass "Travel"

Compass "Travel"

-bearing of direction function
-map measure
-nylon case
-plastic body with alu-cover

Price: 45.00лв.

Military compass

Military marching compass, metal body, liquid filled,accurately stocked, lucid rose, visor device inside lid, magnifier inside focus.
Price: 11.99лв.

Map compass

Map compass, plastic body, magnifier, measuring device
Price: 13.90лв.

Compass GPS mode. Backtrack 5

Compass GPS mode. Backtrack 5 Saves up to 5 precise the globe. Includes latitude and longitude. Time, temperature and altitude. Latest developments. High-sensitivity receiver uBLOX GPS. Fast connection to the GPS satellite. Weatherproof. Works with 2 AAA Batteries (not included). Compact design, easy to carry in your pocket. Self-adjustable digital compass.

Price: 188.00лв.

Compass receiver GPS Backtrack

Compact and portable device "GPS Backtrack" to remember and detection of 3 points through the earth connection with GPS. Lets you save the exact location of your car, camper or camp in any other section of the city or the environment. Then the unit can show you the direction and distance to them at any moment. Built-in electronic compass.
Price: 129.00лв.

Digital compass North -1

Digital compass North -1 organizer with a precision of 1 degree Clinometer. Thermometer. Organizer. Clock and stopwatch
Price: 35.00лв.

Digital compass North 4

Digital compass North 4 with the following functions: - Barometer - Forecast and histogram of time - Organizer database - Stopwatch - Alarm - World Time Clock - Built-level - Altimeter - Compass - Thermometer
Price: 69.00лв.

Compass Konustar Green

Metal compass, liquid filled with clinometer, level bubble, tripod attachment, pointing eyepiece. Color: Green

Price: 45.00лв.
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