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Price: 84.00лв.


German stationary device that is extremely strong and effective against barking dogs and cats.
Operating range up to 100 meters, allowing for up to two additional transmitters and between 7 - 38 kHz smooth frequency control.

Price: 96.00лв.

Device for protection of underground rodents and snakes MOTOR MOLECHASER

Device for protection of underground rodents and snakes MOTOR MOLECHASER

Length - 41.5 cm
Diameter - 8 cm
Weight - 500 g / without batteries/
MOTOR MOLECHASER emitted mechanical vibration at intervals of 25 seconds and protects an area of ​​about 1500 square meters (circle of diameter 45 m). Works with 4 alkaline batteries 1,5 V size 'D'. Batteries life is 4-6 months. Necessarily replace the battery pack after this period or establishes a lack of emitted vibration. MOTOR MOLECHASER ® is aluminum and 100% waterproof.

Price: 48.00лв.


Dazer II F ULTRASONIC ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR PROTECTION FROM DOGS. It emits ultrasound at a frequency 25KNz not be heard by humans, but dogs and cats they hear him perfectly. Ultrasound creates an uncomfortable feeling, not causing any pain to the animals. The sound makes them free zone around you to escape or to shrink. Dazer is suitable for pedestrians, messengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, mothers with small children or for anyone who is afraid of dogs. Dazer can serve as a training / dresirovachno tool for your dog or repel aggressive dogs. Dazer e completely safe for you and those around you! Dazer is the maximum effective distance of 5-7 meters, but operates at a remote location. The machine can not affect the animals with problems in hearing or totally deaf.

Price: 68.00лв.


Static DOG DETERRENT ANIMAL CHASER is an electronic device for protection against unwanted animals such as cats, dogs, rodents, squirrels and wild animals. It consists of an ultrasound transmitter and housing. It can be mounted on a wall, tree, fence, etc.. Suitable for gardens, houses, warehouses and other places where unwanted dogs, cats, rodents, squirrels and wild animals. Static DOG DETERRENT ANIMAL CHASER is an electronic device that emits a powerful ultrasonic 130dB signal with variable frequency in the range 16 kHz - 23 kHz. This causes the animal to leave the protected area of the appliance. Static DOG DETERRENT ANIMAL CHASER protect territory from 250-280 square meters in front of the device. Completely safe for humans. Power supply: adapter from catenary to 220V. Elektricheksa energy consumption: 1.5W for 1 hour.
Price: 60.00лв.

Fixed-gear for protection against rodents and cockroaches PESTREPELLER

Fixed-gear for protection against rodents and cockroaches PESTREPELLER implements the protection of mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas and ants, and emits a powerful ultrasonic 130dB signal with variable frequency in the range 30 kHz - 65 kHz. Laboratory has been shown that ultrasound parameters such attacks the nervous system of household pests and causes them to leave the protected area of the appliance. Ultrasound issue is beyond the scope of hearing people and pets such as dogs, cats, birds and other warm-blooded animals. However, it is unacceptable for hamsters and guinea pigs. With such a pet in the room should not be used PESTREPELLER. The device does not harm the television, radio, alarm and telephone signals, fire and gas alarm. Is harmless to humans, including those with pacemakers and hearing aids.
Price: 45.00лв.

Fixed-gear for protection from birds BIRDCHASER

Fixed-gear for protection from birds BIRDCHASER has two modes: In the first mode - "PIR" built-in infrared sensor registers the presence of bird or animal in the area before the unit 130 degrees and a distance of 10 meters. Then emits a series of warnings. The strength of the warnings can be adjusted depending on the desired effect of protection. In the second mode - "AUTO" the instrument emits a series of warning signals at an interval of time which can be adjusted between 5-30 minutes. This achieves a preventive, permanent protection of the protected area. In the first mode the instrument can be used as a classical instrument for the protection of a small object of an unwanted presence, such as issuing a warning of an instrument is considered a signal to the guards for the presence of intruder in the protected territory. At maximum volume BIRDCHASER can protect an area up to 4 acres. BIRDCHASER powered by a network adapter for 220V, as the instrument is made safe voltage of 12V, applicable to the operation of appliances outdoors. Through BIRDCHASER realize reliable and affordable protection of agricultural land and farms, airports and anywhere invasion of birds, field and forest rodents and small predators causing problems for farmers. BIRDCHASER offers a modern, humane and safe way of protection.

Price: 120.00лв.

Super Dogchaser LS-977F

Super Dogchaser LS-977F e multifunctional device combines three functions: - Protection from dogs and cats. - Training of dogs. - Flashlight. SUPER DOGCHASER has three buttons for three modes PROTECTION: Target device with an ultrasonic transmitter to your dog and threatening press PROTECTION for 1-2 seconds. The select ultrasound will be combined with the flashing of both LEDs, to further reinforce the protective effect. Repeat as many times as necessary until you get the effect. Train: Point and click exercise, combined with oral and / or manual command. Repeat until the dog absorb or suspend your desired habit, according to your training plan. Flashlight: Use the lantern to get a solid and high quality light ahead of the two power LEDs. CAUTION · Ultrasound does the dog only if there is direct visibility, with no solid barriers between it and the appliance. SUPER DOGCHASER can be used both outdoors and in confined space. · Keep the surface of the ultrasound emitter located in front of the unit from mechanical damage. This will make your SUPER DOGCHASER unfit for use. · Do not point the unit directly to the people. Of immediate direct proximity to the human ear SUPER DOGCHASER can damage hearing. Thus, if SUPER DOGCHASER benefit from a child, make sure that it is well instructed. · Contact with dogs especially dangerous breeds, and trained to bear the pain of animals, ensure their safety and additional remedies adequate to the situation. · Not expect all dogs to behave the same in treatment with SUPER DOGCHASER. The response of dogs with ultrasonic impact is different. It depends on many factors such as breed, age, health, mood. The dog may be withdrawn without delay, continue to bark at a distance, to shrink and hide his ears to stop its aggression. The unit does not affect deaf dogs, but since these animals most often are not aggressive, that fact has no practical significance. · Maximum-effective zone is up to 6-8 meters, although most dogs hear and react to ultrasound and greater distance. · Do not use on dogs which did nothing to threaten you or against your pet for no reason. This will cause confusion and unpredictable behavior of the animal.
Price: 29.00лв.

Dogchaser LS-977

DOGCHASER serves to repel unwanted, aggressive dogs by emitting an ultrasound. The diameter of the ultrasonic transmitter in DOGCHASER is 12.5 mm. The maximum efficiency DOGCHASER up to 8 meters. The incidence of radiation at DOGCHASER varies between 20-25 kHz. DOGCHASER include- mini-screwdriver to remove the battery slot and reserve Rapid screw the battery cover. DOGCHASER offered for sale without a battery in the kit. It is purchased separately.

Price: 26.00лв.
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